Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Summer 2008: Catching Up

We did a ton of fun things this summer. We went to the Playmill and Yellowstone several times. We went out on the boat several times (later in the summer) and Benson started kneeboarding. We had fun playing at the park. We planted a square-foot garden at our new house. Travis and Jennie went on a trip to Europe and visited Germany, Venice and Paris. Travis had several very successful speaking engagements in Montana, Tennessee, and Florida. Jennie learned to can and increased our food storage supply. McKay broke his leg, twice. Of course, we also went to the movies. Our favorite family show of the summer was definitely Kung Fu Panda.

All the attached images are from our friend Chris Stokes (our new family photographer, since none of us take pictures except Benson).

These images demonstrate two favorite past-times rolled into one: dressing up as super heros and jumping onto the love sac from the couch, stairs, or anything else.

Incredible Kylie, Batboy Benson, McKay the Human Spider and Spidey Braden.

Riding on the carousel and going the Splash usually go hand-in-hand!

We wrapped McKay's cast in a black plastic bag.
McKay, Benson, Kylie Stokes and Braden Stokes had fun going to Smith Park (we miss it now that we are live farther away).

McKay thought it was hilarious to fill his shirt with the gravel at the playground so he had a fat belly.

Benson and Braden enjoying time on the boat.

McKay enjoying hanging out on the boat even though he couldn't get in the water with his cast on.

Benson and McKay show all the food dry-packed at the cannery with Aunt Rachelle and our friend Chris Stokes. It filled up the entire back of our truck. Also you can see McKay's first cast. It went all the way up to the top of his thigh! And he was such a trooper about it.

McKay is pouring the rice into the cans.

Benson has his own blog

Benson is making a blog, with a little help from me. We gave him a camera for his birthday and I thought a blog would be something fun he could do with his pictures.

Here is the link: http://bensonsblogger.blogspot.com/

Monday, September 8, 2008

We are getting started

Well, sort of. I don't have any images to post yet. Travis doesn't take pictures at home and Benson likes to use my camera and I currently have no idea where it is! So soon we will start blogging!